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FAST Defense: We teach people to skillfully deal with any level of conflict, with confidence, courage and composure.

Our mission is to provide people of all ages the very best empowerment and personal protection. Just as someone can be traumatized and conditioned to freeze for years or decades after just one bad experience, we engineer a positive experience in a very short time. This provides conditioning to control, and even use, the fear and adrenaline rush, that inevitably occurs in any intense situation. FAST Defense can do this in just hours for people of all types with 100% success.

Experience a FAST Defense Seminar, which range from 2 to 5 hours for children, teens and adults. FAST Defense is very affordable ranging from $45 - $125 per person, based on class level and group size.

Host a Personalized Training for your Business or Organization
as a brown bag luncheon, interactive lecture, conflict resolution workshops or physical protection seminar. These are custom designed to meet your specific needs and time frames for maximum benefit.

FAST Defense for Adults

FAST CATS for Kids


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The leader in adrenal stress scenario based self defense

You don't need bulging muscles or a black belt in karate to take care of yourself. If you have ever been in a tough spot and afterwards thought, "I sure wish I could have handled that better", then FAST Defense is for you! Imagine the peace of mind you will experience when you learn you have the power to be your own protector.