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Mr. Elvis Price,
4th Dan

He earned his 1st degree black belt at 9 years of age. Mr. Price began helping instruct and teaching childrens classes for Master Dring when he was 14. Shortly after achieving black belt is when he began to compete in tournaments more frequently. He became a regular on the USTF national circuit, as well as the AKC state circuit. Eventually his competition schedule included up to two tournaments per month, for over six years.

At 16, he achieved his 3rd degree black belt and began competing in the 3rd and 4th degree mens divisions, getting the privilege to compete against legends such as Mr. Edwards. Mr. Price has traveled to Korea, the birthplace of Taekwon-do, and had the honor of training with the Korean Olympic Team. This experience gave him a deeper appreciation for the traditional values of Taekwondo and provided inspiration for driven and resolute work ethic.

He served as the junior team captain for Team USA, winning two gold and one silver at the 1998 GTF World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 1999, Mr. Price moved to Fayetteville to pursue education at the University of Arkansas and began teaching for Mr. Edwards at Fayetteville Martial Arts.

At 20 years of age, he became the youngest 4th degree ever in the USTF organization. In 2000, he created the first official, competitive demonstration team for Fayetteville Martial Arts, Team Elite. Throughout a 6 year history, Team Elite competed in several pro-level tournaments around the country, placing 1st in the 2006 NASKA Compete Nationals, in Los Angeles.

Mr. Price has been a guest instructor at Karate College Martial Arts camps, hosted by Bill Wallace and Joe Lewis. He received his B.S. in Information Systems from the U of A in 2003. In 2008 he earned his Masters in Information Systems, also from the U of A. (GO HOGS!) He genuinely loves to teach Martial Arts, believing in the constant pursuit of learning and development. Teaching and training for so many years has given him a unique perspective and ability to see the true value of Taekwondo and what it can do for people, regardless of their goals or circumstances.

Mr. Price is a rabid fan of Razorback football. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing guitar, mountain biking, Xbox, web design, and spending time with his fiancée, and his dog, Priscilla. Mr. Price is also a certified personal trainer through the Cooper Aerobics Institute, in Dallas, Texas. He is available for private martial arts instruction as well as general fitness and personal training consultation.