Give me two hours per week and I will not only add 10 years to your life, but empower you to be a better, more relaxed, more proactive, compassionate person!


I am inviting you to be part of a journey of personal growth. This may be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done, or close to it. Read on!

??? I do not believe that anyone in this world sets out on a journey to become overweight or unhealthy, just as no one decides to become lonely or poor. What happens is, somewhere along the line, slowly and gradually, without even being aware of it, we give up. We give up or values and dreams one at a time. When we let our bodies go, it is, quite simply, the beginning of the end.

Why, why do we let ourselves go like this when we know better? And maybe a better question is why do we not do anything about it? It came to me lying in bed one night that the answer is that we need a challenge to motivate us. An incentive and an ultimate trophy – a dream that many want, but only few in this world accomplish, a black belt in martial arts.

I have created a program called the Ultimate Black Belt Challenge. The UBBC is a eighteen month journey into personal transformation and individual goals. It will require participants, adults only -- no children, to perform a wide variety of tasks and challenges. Each activity is designed to create a personal transformation in the participant. In addition to the UBBC’s required tasks, each participant customizes his or her own test to meet their individual ambitions, goals and needs, something I will orchestrate with each participant.

The Ultimate Black Belt Challenge will not be held on a day or a weekend, and it will not culminate with a single performance, but with a long-term, consistent, and habit-forming series of behaviors and accomplishments. The real black belt test will not be one where the tester does a beautiful form or performs one hundred push-ups in a row. It will be that the student had the courage and self-discipline to practice their martial art every day, and become a better person.

Yes, I am offering you a chance to test for your black belt, or higher degree of black belt, in 18 months. Before you laugh or think this will not be possible, read I have taken a three year black belt curriculum and made it into a more intense and challenging 18 month curriculum. I know that by compressing this training into 18 months, I will make an outstanding black belt. I dare to say, a better quality black belt than what is being offered in the world today.

The testing process will develop long-term changes, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and will do this by changing the daily behaviors for a long enough period – and with enough focus – to make a real difference.

This Ultimate Black Belt Challenge will be customized to meet the needs of the individual. A twenty year old doesn't have the same needs as a forty-five year old. Everyone will challenge themselves to stretch him/herself in every way, but intelligently and within his or her personal capabilities.

The UBBC will challenge all of us to ‘walk the walk’. All who pass the test will have the feeling of great personal achievement because it will require everyone to grow in every aspect of their lives. The curriculum for the test will have you living the life of an athlete, a warrior, and a leader.

Making a difference in our own lives is only a small part of the UBBC. We will all be responsible for thousands of acts of kindness. Through our group, I hope we inspire over one million acts of kindness in Northwest Arkansas. We will also spearhead an environmental project that will make a difference in Northwest Arkansas.

Ozark AdventureAnother of the requirements will be an eco adventure. A weekend of camping, hiking, training, repelling, and growing. A chance to get away from everything fora couple of days and just train the martial arts and reflect onthe changes we are all going through.

The Ultimate Black Belt Challenge is about being the ultimate black belt by becoming the ultimate student. There is a lot of challenging black belt tests in the world. I know of one which requires a three-day test where the candidates are not allowed to sleep or eat duringMaster Randy Edwardsthe process. While that's definitely very tough, it's not at all smart. I think the tough part of earning and being a black belt isn't in a short performance or in enduring a torturous and potentially life-threatening experience; it is in internalizing black belt concepts so that they are a part of one’s daily life. As a teacher, I’d rather inspire people to prepare themselves with a years worth of good eating habits, meditation, daily practice and consistent pursuit of personal excellence, than I would prefer to cause them a weekend of pain I probably could not endure myself.

Take the challenge. Be part of a twenty person team of highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to becoming the best person they can be.  The test will force us all to do the things we know we should have been doing.  When it’s over, we will have committed ourselves to continuing a lifestyle that creates the ultimate life.

The Ultimate Black Belt Testing requirements are unique and quite demanding.  Each participant is tasked to perform 1,000 acts of kindness and be responsible for inspiring others in our circle of friends and coworkers, to perform acts of kindness in our community.

Each participant must also perform within the twelve month period:

  • • 1,000 rounds of sparring (no one gets hurt here - sparring is like playing tag, we are just using our hands and feet to play tag - this is fun and challenging) 
  • • 1,000 repetitions in our forms (self defense routines designed to build strength and explosive speed)
  • • 25,500 push-ups and sit-ups – (50 per day)
  • • 20 hours of boxing training
  • • earn rank in jiu-jitsu
  • • meditate or pray for ten minutes per day
  • • read a dozen books pertaining to motivation
  • • spend a day in  a wheelchair, a day blind, or as a mute
  • • fix three wrongs done on their life or mend three broken relationships
  • • conduct an environmental project with the group
  • • complete a weekend eco-adventure
  • • train with a master in martial arts
  • • complete a local 7 day Anthony Robbins Program with the group 
  • • Must work towards being in the best shape of your life.

What, you might ask, do acts of kindness, a day in a wheelchair, and an environmental project have to do with the martial arts and achieving a black belt? These concepts are about building character and compassion, which has everything to do with the martial arts. This event isn’t so much about the ultimate martial arts experience as it is about living the ultimate lifestyle. Mastery of the martial arts is nothing if it isn’t a quest to become a better human being. The ultimate aim of marital arts lies neither in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.

If there are things that are on the required list that physically cannot be done, I will make another requirement to take its place.It may not be good to require someone with a bad shoulder to do 150 push-ups every day. We can work out the details.

Are you up to the challenge? This program will take beginners in the martial arts who are in great physical condition or not in great condition to a level of confidence and fitness that others will only dream about. The program is also designed to accept current martial arts students who want to go to the next level in their training or their life. I really hope several inactive martial artists will accept the challenge. This, depending on the specific time in grade and age, will take you to the next degree of black belt. Most all participants will come into this challenge with no martial arts background at all.

The bottom line is that all participants in the Ultimate Black Belt Challenge will take themselves to the next level in their mental, spiritual and physical condition. The cost of the program is very affordable and will not be an issue if you look at the benefits of the program. Oh, by the way, quitting is not an option!

There are eight classes per week that students in the UBBC will be able to attend. The requirements can be met if you are coming to class two times per week and practicing at home. You will be a member of our fourth class to participate in this life changing program. By making time for your mind and body, you will find more time and energy for the other segments of your life. In addition, by completing the Anthony Robbins “Get the Edge” program, you will become more organized and your time excuse will no longer exist.

Participants in the Ultimate Black Belt Challenge, those who accept the challenge, will be changing their lives and literally saving their lives. Their risk of heart disease (the number one killer in America and the risk of being afflicted with other illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis, will be drastically lowered. Accepting this challenge will rekindle the flame of desire for us all and break down the walls that keep us from moving forward in all areas of our life.

Share this letter with those you work with and those you love. Forward it, copy it, send it to someone who you think needs a challenge and a program like this. Share the experience and share a better -- more fulfilling life.

God Bless,

Master Randy Edwards

7th Degree Black Belt




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